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What show are you guys most fond of? Mario Brothers Super Show, Super Mario World, or Super Mario 3? I personally liked Super Mario 3 the best. Super Mario Brothers Super Show just had them going to places and stuff and didnt focus on the series. SM3 and SMW did.

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Yeah,I like Super Mario 3 the best to.

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Monkey''''s RULE!!

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Watch, my post will be in front of Dark King's when he posted before me...

Mario likes to dance in his backwards pants!
Mario likes to dance in his backwards pants! Yay!

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See! I just posted after him and now it's before him!Can someone tell me WHAT'S WRONG?

Mario likes to dance in his backwards pants!
Mario likes to dance in his backwards pants! Yay!

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My favorite would definitely be SMB3, despite that on the show, the characters seemed to be coping quite well with the fact that they didn't exist.
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I like SUPER MARIO WORLD the best!
Well,I like SUPER MARIO BROS.3 too.


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SMW had Kamek in it. With his terrible one-liners. EExample: Mario and crew are dangling from chains. Kamek says, "I like it when people ... HANG AROUND!". It's really annoying.

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I like super mario world for the fact that Yoshi is in it. I would say that nintendo needed to make another mario cartoon, but I have a hunch that it would only cover from Mario 64 to Mario sunshine. I read a topic about someone making a mario fan cartoon that sounded cool.
By the way, kamek wasn't in the SMW cartoon. There was a magikoopa but kamek wasn't even created at the time.

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I hate the theme song for The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Who, in the right mind, could even think of putting "Mario" and "Rap" in the same sentence?!?
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At least the title for SMBSS is decent. And my fav Mario show is Super Mario Super Show.

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Super Mario Bros 3 by miles. I still have not seen the one from japan yet (It's the one which was the lost 'Great Mission' film). I think

1. Mario Bros 3 (Neat Animation, Good Plots)
2. Mario World (Crude Animation But Funny Plots)
3. Super Show (So-so animation but unoriginal plots.)

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We could send a petition to make them make another mario show.

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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. It did not have that cheesy live action cut seens with Caption Lou Albono.

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SMB3 good, SMW okay, SMBSS so-so

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I always loved watching the Mario cartoons when I was a kid, but each one had something to annoy me. The first one had the cheesy live-action segments which I never personally cared for at all, and sometimes ran Zelda instead, and at that time I don't think I even knew what Zelda was. The second one had the weirdo names for the Koopa Kids. And of course, the Super Mario World cartoon replaced Toad and his trademark doggie-chew-toy squeak when jumping with the much less amusing Yoshi.

Despite, I still liked them all well enough to watch every day that I could ;)