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I'm getting mad!
How much times do I have to say, I'm not mariofan?!?!

"1) The both type in similar fashions, making the same grammatical errors and misspelling the same words, often in the same way."

 I didd'nt call everyone Toads. I put spaces in commas. I am simaler to him in many ways, but this time, after all those stupid lies, I am telling the truth. You don't have to beleive me, but people like rumors more than the truth, in some cases, such as this.

"2)The obvious cover-ups. Mariofan 7 continuously states and restates that he is from Finland, so that nobody would suspect his same personhood with Luigifan. This also contradicts that the two are friends, being from different continents."

 I have never met mariofan7, I became his friend, is that bad? Now, think about it. You guys have made a deal about it since he said I'm leaving. Now, if I was him, why not swear, on mariofan7, and get banned from the fungi forums? Oh look, you're in a different country than some people. You are now those people.

How subtle is that connection?"

I learned that just recently. By the way, if you observe closely, mariofan7. "7". There is a difference. Lots of people have friends from other continents. By the internet.

"4)Backing up eachother's lies. (Note this thread)"

 Mariofan7 has not posted here for a long time. You should just take the proof I have given you now, add it up, and by then, you might stop believing rumors. This is school all over again...

"5) LD thinks so, and he's a mod."

lizard dude just likes rumors, from what I've seen.<sarcasm> Wow, ohh great LD, let us hear your wisdom, so that we undertand the answere to everything. Yes, you are never telling us lies, and you never will.<sarcasm>

Anything else I should disprove?

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Oh and mariofan, can you please stop standing up for me? It's only making the situation worse. Fungi forums feels like a waste of time now, so can we please get back on the subject? By the way, I was too convinced, mariofan is too convinced, and I wonder who's next? Get back to the subject, and please, give them the code. It's as real as luigi in supermario64, luigi exhists in that game. That's how real it is. I thought people would stop talking about Toad by now.

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