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When I was in Rougeport, I saw Ginger walking down on one of the streets which had a hotel on one side and a place called Nintendo Writers' Paradise on the other. I hid under two barrels so I wouldn't be seen by Ginger. When Ginger went down the alley i was hiding on, I scared her and she fainted. I hung Ginger on a clothes line connecting the hotel to an apartment on the left side of the clothes line. I used a Tingle Bomb on the clothes line Ginger was on to set the line on fire. Ginger woke up to notice that she was hung on a clothes line that was on fire. Ginger jumped down before she was caught on fire. "Is that the way you treat me here in this city on the sea Mr. Plumber." Ginger said hastfuly. I was shocked that she called me Mr. Plumber. I was never called Mr. Plumber before and I was angry. "So you want to battle me Kupo." I said to Ginger in my anger. Ginger was getting angry as she noticed her clothes started to get a sheild around her. That meant she could not be harmed, but I did not know this at that time. I struck Ginger with a blast of thunder from my hand. Ginger reflected my attack back on me. I was stunned a bit until I realized the glow on Ginger. At that time, a man named Omega jumped into battle on Ginger's side. "Omega the master theif of Rougeport works for Ginger?" I said as I recovered from that shock. I started to attack Omega, but they were using both of their attacks as one. The attack missed me and hit Chef Torte as got out from a hard day at the Nintendo Writers' Paradise. Chef Torte was furious at Ginger and Omega. "Trying to attack the master chef of Rougeport eh?" said Chef Torte. He was charging a powerful attack from his pan of peril. Many people including me ran before the attack was fully charged. After Chef Torte fired his fully charged shot, Ginger and Omega were no more and Rougeport never saw an attack from Ginger and Omega again.

Now you can make you anti As Told by Ginger stories now.
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Short, not so sweet, and gets to the point.

One day I watched my favorite TV station.  The announcer said that Sonic X would be replaced by reruns of some show about ginger.  I shot the TV with a shotgun.  Then, I lured Ginger into my garage with makeup products.  I instantly sprayed gasoline down her throat.  She crumpled to the floor and died.  And I laughed.  "Next to die are those blasted Cramp Twins that are coming back from the dead on Saturday!"

The end!

  P.S. Heaven forbid they actually replace Sonic X with some crappy show like the Cramp Twins.  I can't believe they are bringing them back!  They even said that the Cramp Twins were cancelled due to low ratings!  My, what memory problems they have!  They think that people actually liked it, so they're gonna bring em back like nothing happened!  Poor decisions like that are going to kill the Foxbox!

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I sat there wondering what the crap a foxbox was. "Some sort of green eggs and ham scenario?" I thought, "I sure would eat them in a box, but not with a fox, who may have fleas, that would bite me... and the fox may bite me too." When apparently ginger had walked in. "Why hoorah," I said, as I went for a loaf of Wonder Bread. A giant blender, I brought out, and threw her in, set to liquify, no doubt. I added the bread, slice by slice, and then won a cookie cutter in a game of dice. The contents spilled from the blender, onto a well floured board helt together with suspenders. I rolled and I kneaded and I flattend the dough, and then used the cookie cutter I'd just won from neighbor Moe. At 400, I baked, all just for the nookie, and twelve minuits later I had Gingerbread cookies.

Let me away from this boulder!
Let me away from this boulder!