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Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

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This has come up several times before, but what are your views on homosexuality?

Personally, I have mixed views. I tolerate and accept homosexuality as part of our culture, but I still have an underlying discomfort. The same could be said for others as well. For example, a friend of mine's view was "I have no problems with gays, as long as they don't 'do it' right in front of me." In other words, we're both fine with people embracing their homosexuality in their lives, because that's what living life is about– doing what you wish to satisfy your needs and lifestyle, no one has any say in what you can do within your own life. It doesn't bother me if people do things I may disagree with, but I do feel discomfort if their views or behavior is forced on me.

For example, a friend of mine was attending a literature meeting and listening to various readings. One author (my Creative Writing teacher) was gay, and so his personal essay's content was what some may find questionable. Considerably many were uncomfortable, but they put up with it. However, they were also told to ask questions regarding the essay's content, and weren't allowed to leave until they did so. That, I do not think is right. Feeling uncomfortable is one thing, but being forced to participate in something that makes you uncomfortable is another thing altogether.

I'm not sure what else to say, but overall, I accept homosexuality as part of society. Even as a Catholic I don't see it as "evil" or an "abomination." If same-sex marriages take place, it doesn't bother me for there are no negative effects upon my own lifestyle or choices. But like most I do feel a bit of discomfort now and then, but that's my own problem.

I tolerate them as human beings. I don't like homosexuality in general, but it is their choice and I'm not supposed to judge them. They are free to do as they wish as long as they don't try and make a huge deal about it (*coughChrisCrockercough*).

Considering how disturbing it'd be if anybody "did it" right in front of me, I don't have that underlying discomfort. Gay people are just people who could be described as "sexually defective" (which makes total sense if you go by the idea that all living things exist to work, reproduce and die) but big deal. And what about people who choose to live their lives without starting families? They're just as unproductive, but not discriminated against only because of this paranoia of gay people being mindless animals who would rape anyone of the same gender they pleased. Yep, paranoia--a disorder. Though I can't say it is baseless, as many of the accusers of such behavior really don't think about anything but sex, therefore might assume everyone has that same obsession.

That being said the government really has no business controlling the matter. How far away are we from real equality? Black people, check, women, check, gay people, not yet...*

As for how I think this mingles with religion... I was Catholic. Now I'm just plain ol' Christian with my own moral codes and my own ideas of what God is like. I don't think He'd want me to follow other people's hearts anyway. I don't think God would create gay people if they truly were to be condemned. And that's right, I believe that sexual orientation is not something your environment affects, but an instinct you're born with. Like taste. Vidgmchtr likes Burger King. I hate Burger King, but I don't care if he eats there. Vid could force himself to not eat at Burger King to comply with the paranoid people who don't tolerate eating there, but he won't actually stop liking it.

*And I know, I'm kidding myself if I think that all races of men and women are already treated equally.

Hey I know a gay dude that is always like "Omg tolerate me" "Omg you are such an homophobic" for no reason at all, but he is also always "Emo sucks", "Pokemon sucks", "Pokemon is for keedees" "Nerds sucks" "Pokemon is for kiddy nerds" "Megaman sucks and so does anyone who likes it" etc. Troo fax.

But my opinion on the matter? I think I tolerate them (The guy I mentioned above is one of my friends), but don't really think it's ok. I also really don't want to see them making out there in the open (Except if they are two or more girls ) : )

I think if they let homosexuals marry, they should also let people marry their own sons or their parents, and their pets and the TV. Ok that was stupid exaggeration, but if gays can marry you may not want to think about what would be the next kind new marriage :o

PS:Sorry if this post isn't serious enough.

No offense, but that post was the exact definition of ignorance.

Comparing video game fans and lame subcultures to broad groups of people who suffer discrimination and hate crimes on a daily basis doesn't work. Neither does the insanely tired argument of "omh if gays marry than donkeys and robots will mary 2!!!".


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