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It's been quite a while since I last was here... What happened to this place?

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Forest Guy:
Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I was super active wayyy back in the day, under the name of Meowrik/Meowrio before changing over to this username. Spent a good chunk of my junior high years on this message board. That was like ten years ago...
My fiance and I spent last night looking up old Livejournal/Myspace/etc posts to show one another how dorky we used to be, and part of my showing was looking up my earliest posts on this site. I figured I'd drop in and say hello again, see who's around. But it appears to be a ghost town. I guess specific message boards can't survive in the year 2014 :(

For anyone who cares, I'm 25 now, engaged, and am working as a medical lieutenant/EMT at the fire department. I DO have a 3DS as well as a Wii U, and SM3DW and DK:TF were fantastic. That's about it.

Hey, we've had a good half-dozen posts today, with at least one even being almost gaming-related.

He's back! At least, for a time -- glad to hear you're doing well, in any case.

It's still alive...not exactly kicking, but at least moving its legs every day or so.

I remember when you came back the first time!

I don't typically post here without someone else prompting a response, though I remember when I used to trying really hard to come up with good topics to start on; that didn't happen a lot... or at all? But I mean, you've been gone for a while, so naturally you already understand why people would take breaks from it. I stopped being a frequent poster because I realized that if I said literally everything on my mind here, it would led to me driving people insane (I know, I used to do it), and I don't really care to get kicked out of the first memorable message board I ever joined. I can't really speak for everyone here, but "real life" kind of takes priority for me now, and I've lost the close relationships I've had with the people I like especially here. It's easier to be friends with people you can talk to everyday, which is basically where I'm at in my life to not be as active here anymore. I am in the leader boards for "most time spent online" here (I think? It's been a while since I checked), which at this point I'm leaning more toward that being sad than cool.


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