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Google Fiber's Next City?

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Since they already have cities in UT and TX and don't think they'll do them again.  My reasoning is that they appear to be spreading the love in red states and it may seem less ideological to only go to a nearby city such as Salt Lake City or San Antonio.  This is also why I don't think they'll go to Portland or San Jose, but I could be wrong and they may decide to "go home" having completed cities in three red states.  I could also be wrong if they are now moving away from ideology and to a more concrete business plan.  If that is the case then Salt Lake City and San Antonio might make more sense financially. 

My feeling is that they may move further East, but stay in red states.  Any of the four are possible, but my guess is the next city will be either Nashville or Atlanta.  I'm not counting Charlotte and Raleigh since they are in a more blue state. 

I could be wrong since they specified Raleigh-Durham instead of simply stating Raleigh, and this also gives them more suburbs like their Kansas City operation. 

Let's look at other tech companies...

Wow!  Georgia gets 9% of page views from a fully electric car's browser.  Atlanta may be Google's next move.  It also is fairly red, has spread, and has a very big and connected airport to spread the word.  Hmm.

I'm not counting out Nashville though.  There's a very big music scene there.  Does Google have any music media interests and plan an internet music service like Pandora, Spotify, or Amazon? 

What do you think? 


--- Quote ---Does Google have any music media interests and plan an internet music service like Pandora, Spotify, or Amazon?
--- End quote ---
The closest thing is Google Play Music which is more like iTunes for Android.

I wonder if they may go to more gaming-heavy states due to demand for faster download speeds. (Steam, Nintendo eShop, whatever they have on the other systems)

I had a private bet with myself on how long it would take for iTunes to be mentionded.  First reply.  I won. 

I considered Google Play and even have an account, but opted for Amazon due to their AutoRip service and free/cheap cloud.  Google has now greatly reduced their cloud prices, but I've already stored hundreds of albums with Amazon.  I have since been intrigued by Neil Young's Pono Player for fidelity, but can't afford it. 

Regardless, I clicked your link and saw that Google had three of my favorite artists recommended (Cinderella, Poison, and Lillian Axe) and are also recommending, "Going to Hell' like Amazon.  Hmm.  I guess both have their tentacles in my brain. 

So, what do you consider the "gaming-heavy states"? 

Google Play Music has been allowing music uploads since 2011 (up to 20,000 songs free).

It looks like I made two mistakes that caused me to not fully consider Google Play.  First, my Google Cloud was full and I had to start paying for space for our family pictures.  Second, I associated Google Play more with games than music.  The free 20,000 song uploads is very attractive, but so was that fact than most of my CD purchases were already "uploaded" (AutoRip) to my Amazon Cloud player. 

I was going to vote for Atlanta, but in light of my new knowledge of Google Play I'm changing to Nashville.  Since I've disabled changing votes that is my (first and) final answer as far as the poll goes. 

Now, how do I get Google Play on my Kindle Fire (another reason I went with Amazon for music)? 


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