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Shigeru Miyamoto Watercolor

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Lizard Dude:
Still want to buy...

Alright, I was trying to decide if I'd want to sell this, and what would be a good price if so.  I suppose I'd be alright with it.

So for price, the thing took about 5 hours to make, but they weren't exactly skilled hours... plus a dollar or two for paper and materials, and a bit for shipping...

I dunno, does $55 sound fair?'

And for full disclosure, the paper is 11x10 inches, there's a watermark on it in the upper-left corner (though it's mostly on the back), and I've printed my first name on the bottom.  The paper itself is a little warped due to the "water" part of watercolor.

Lizard Dude:
Yeah, man. PayPal or what?

Paypal is fine.  I'll send you a message with the details.

Was starting to wonder how long it would take before this transaction went private.


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