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How about that there new Star Wars movie?

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What did everyone think?

I was pleasantly surprised; certainly better than the prequels, if that's even an accomplishment.

I thought it was cool. Saw it immediately after watching the original three all in a row. It seemed to fit in well with them.

I've been told by many people that the sequels are fine to skip, so I did. Didn't seem like I was really missing anything.

I did not see any trailers or read anything except for the two main characters' names and that less CGI was used. I feel like that's the best way to go into a movie you know you're gonna see.

I loved it. I agree with plenty of criticisms about it, that it retreads a lot of plot points, that Snoke looks totally fake, but here's the thing. I have never been this invested in the characters before. The characters in the prequels, of course, are most usually saying unbelievable things, but even in the originals you have to admit the delivery is often kinda goofy. I was really buying the acting in Force Awakens. Finn and Rey both established so strongly without saying a word. All their emotion and their pain felt real. And I think that's the really important part.

That and the fact that look at that, they weaponized stars! The title of the franchise FINALLY MAKES SENSE

I think I'm in the minority in that I quite liked Kylo Ren.  Interestingly, the same people who didn't like him, wishing he were just a new Vader instead of a really insecure teenager trying to fill big, evil shoes are the same people who complain that this movie is too similar to the original trilogy.

Which is also a criticism that lacks nuance when made without qualification.

Anyway, it was a good fun movie.  I've never liked this franchise as anything more than good fun, so it was exactly what I wanted.

Had an absolute ball with it. Sure, it's similar to the first, but I feel like that was almost necessary at this point. It's like a form of detox: when you're getting somebody to kick a habit (the prequels), you start with plain foods and plenty of water--what you know works. Then move onto the more exotic dishes again.

Having said that, yeah, I agree less CGI would've been nice, but it's not like Abrams was ever a saint in that department.


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