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Hi im new


Hi im new to this board. Can anyone show me around???

You know i'm more than just a doll....

hmm, well there's not really much to know of, it's just your plain ol' average *rather nice looking, good job deezer ; )* message board. I would recomend checking out your profile thou wich is the only thing that really requires any actual brain usage ¦D  look near the top right hand corner of your screen "profile / register / search"  right there~ Other than that, the rest is basic and DOSEN'T require any brain power... ^_~



You know i'm more than just a doll....

and when theres votings going on,it'd be wise to vote whenever a vote comes up here like the worst mario character...geno is so cute,not you kid but the doll geno that i own.i really own a geno doll.i ordered it from amazon.com .


Well, there's the message board, and then there's a lot of stuff on the main page that's pretty cool(Congrats, Deezer!).

We all know that you are more than a doll. You are the guardian of the Star Road. You also have some cool attacks up your sleeve. Hope you can handle it!


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