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Video Game Chat / Why don't any of you people have Jazz Jackrabbit?
« on: April 03, 2010, 12:34:19 PM »
Seriously why?

It's free to download the demo and like $24 to $85 to get the full version off eBay (or you can snag it through other means. It's not that big). You can play it with a DOS emulator on your computer. It's fun. It's fast. It has a Rambo-style rabbit shooting everything in sight. It's got 45 levels max. The music is flat-out awesome. There's no waggle because you're using a keyboard. It has a button dedicated to switching your weapon so you can shoot flamethrower and missiles and grenades and dynamite. It could be the nostalgic DOS game you've all been whining for and yet

none of you have it.

The second best DOS game of 1994. Second to Wacky Wheels.

Go download it. And the sequel. And tell Cliff Bleszinski to release Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files in America, then tell him to un-cancel Jazz Jackrabbit 3 and get back to work on it.

Site Discussion / Topic names changing on replies
« on: January 12, 2010, 10:06:43 PM »
If you reply to a topic and give it a subject other than the default, then on the main page it will say for that forum that the Last post was in the (whatever subject name you gave) topic, even though that's not the name of the actual topic. It seems confusing to me because someone might think a topic exists and it doesn't, or they'd click the forum and then struggle to find what they were looking for. I'm not aware of people routinely changing the subject of their posts (I always forget that field is there), so I'd never expect to see a topic name change for no reason. Is this behavior intentional?

Mario Chat / Armor art for Super Mario RPG?
« on: October 16, 2009, 10:25:20 PM »
I remember that the Super Mario RPG Player's Guide had art of the various armor you could get in the game (if nothing else I remember that the Fire Cape was accompanied by an image of a black cape with a red or orange stripe on it), but I've already sold it so I no longer own it. Might have had the weapons too, not sure on that. Seems you can find art of anything else from the game online, but not the armor. Just wondering if anybody could scan it.

I thought it'd be neat if someone could draw what the characters would look like if you could see them in their various armor, which is why I'm bringing it up.

Video Game Chat / Post your Spore Creatures here!
« on: June 17, 2008, 08:57:45 PM »
The Spore Creature Creator was released today, just as a teaser until the real game gets released in... I think September. Anyway, you can pay $10 for the full Creature Creator, or download a free trial with only 25% of the stuff in it.
Free trial here.

So, what did you come up with?

The couple of things I did were probably generic, nothing close to the absolutely crazy stuff you can make with it, but it's my first time using it. So first I did a dragon thing, and then a scorpion thing. I've attached both.

General Chat / I have returned
« on: October 04, 2002, 10:58:07 PM »
Hi everyone. After what seems like years, I have decided to come back. Probably couldn't be at a worse time since I'm going through community college now, but I plan to look over and respond to topics like I used to.

See you all there,


Mario Chat / Mukumukumadness
« on: February 12, 2002, 12:12:50 AM »
For some reason, Mukumukus are my favorite enemies in Super Mario RPG. They're cute little gophers, their name is fun to say, and you can use a Mukumuku Cookie to summon one of them.

Uh... yeah.

Anyway, post silly stuff about Mukumukus here.

Like, um... There are some holes ordinary gophers can't dig. For everything else, there's Mukumukus.

Mario Chat / Pros and Cons of SSBM
« on: January 21, 2002, 10:06:01 AM »
Post what you like and hate about SSBM here, I guess (unless this has been posted before).

For me, here's what I find as pros:

1. Falco!
2. The Kraid, Ridley, and Koopa Troopa trophies
3. The fact that somehow, HAL managed to find a voice for Slippy (Star Fox 64 member) that sounds LESS annoying
4. The Brinstar Depths stage
5. The Pokemon are 3D now instead of sprites

And here are some cons:

1. How a few trophies are 2D and pixelated on purpose. I REALLY wish they didn't do that for Birdo!
2. The voices they got for the Star Fox 64 members (geez they're awful!)
2. The Infinite Glacier stage
4. Jigglypuff made it back into SSBM.
5. The new color change for Yoshi that wasn't in the original is pink. Pink.

Mario Chat / Complete List Of Smash Bros. Melee Characters
« on: November 26, 2001, 11:16:25 PM »
Head on over to

This info comes from the final Japanese version of the game, and this is a trustworthy site, so this can't be a rumor.

Tell me what you think :)

Mario Chat / Something not Mario related
« on: November 17, 2001, 05:09:13 PM »
Unfortunate that I'm so desperate to find people to visit my new site.

To anyone that has ever played the PC game ''Pandora's Box,'' I have a walkthrough for it at:

And if you haven't played it, which I estimate is about 99% of all you people, then the least you can do is check around my site, inform me of any site errors, suggestions on how to make it better, etc.

I go under my alternate name of SunnerGehn at that site (I've had a long history of several different aliases over the months), as well as an alternate e-mail at

There's also a .txt version of the walkthrough uploaded to

So if anyone is interested, check it out. This is going to be the site I'll be busting my back over updating nearly every day for quite a while from now on.

''Squawk if you like Mario.''

Mario Chat / YYYES! Mario Cartoon in the near future?
« on: October 10, 2001, 08:17:37 PM »
Ok, so Nintendojo doesn't have a source for this, but this is an excerpt (ok, three paragraphs) from some recent thing on Nintendojo:

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. today announced that it signed a long-term agreement expiring December 31, 2005 with Nintendo of America Inc. to serve as the exclusive merchandise licensing agent for Nintendo game systems (Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance), Nintendo Classic characters (Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong etc.) and certain new Nintendo characters (Pikmin etc.) throughout the world excluding Japan.

The new agreement also gives 4Kids the exclusive right to license live action and animated television rights, home video rights and theatrical motion picture rights to Nintendo Classic properties, and certain new Nintendo properties. 4Kids also gains the right to produce, by itself or with partners, television series and other productions based on such Nintendo properties. The new agreement replaces the previous year-to-year agreement between Nintendo and 4Kids and does not affect Pokemon, which is covered by separate agreements between 4Kids and The Pokemon Company.

While 4Kids did not make specifics available, the company now has the rights to create a Mario cartoon, a Zelda movie release, and even a Pikmin exercise video. It is possible that this could mark a rebirth in Nintendo licensing. In the late eighties and early nineties Nintendo characters had their own cereals, happy meals, television shows, and clothing lines.

So as said here, it IS possible to have a new Mario cartoon. And likewise, a Zelda movie thing or whatever. Let's just hope what they're saying is true, and that we can see some sort of Mario-related show in the near future.

General Chat / Post your alias
« on: August 03, 2001, 12:49:42 PM »
In other words, post your identities that you've had in the past, and maybe some other clever names you can think up that you could be named as.

*sees tumbleweed go by* This may or may not be a popular topic...

Anyway, I've had the following identities:

Louis (not used yet)

I'm thinking that soon I might be changing my screenname here on the Fungi forum. Maybe you could tell me which of the following names below would sound best:

Crested Booka (from EarthBound)
Piranha Plant (i've never heard anybody else use that name)
Double-O Mario
Sapphire Snifit
Green Snifit
Not-So-Grate Guy

Or maybe something else...

Mario Chat / Super Waluigi 62
« on: July 09, 2001, 11:12:15 AM »
What do you think a game called Super Waluigi 62 be like? I don't want to hear ''the crappiest game on earth.'' Give your ideas on what it would be like. For example, instead of battling King Bob-Omb, Waluigi will battle an ice cream bar.

''Look, I'm-a-dancing! Look, I'm-a-rapping!''

Mario Chat / Top Five Franchises
« on: June 13, 2001, 08:12:19 PM »
List what you think are the top five Nintendo franchises. I've listed some of them below as well as details to help you choose. But I'm sure there's more of them.

Mario's everywhere. So chances are the Mario franchise will either be #1 or #2.

Zelda is another way popular franchise. So it will either be #1 or #2. Where Mario excels in action and adventure, Zelda excels in more adventure and mystery. Oh, and action.

Come on, who hasn't heard of Metroid? And besides, Kraid and Ridley are some of the best bosses out there.

Referring to the Donkey Kong Country series, that is, as well as anything else Donkey Kong related. One thing that it had going for it, besides spot-on gameplay, sound, and adventure, were the top-notch graphics.

It's fun blasting stuff out of the sky with a mobile light aircraft. Plus, you have teammates that actually help you this time around. Coupled with challenging levels and bosses, it's another franchise that's hard to beat.

Okay, we KNOW this will be in every Poke-lovers list. About 50% of people on Earth might see it as a godsend of a franchise. It's one of the biggest franchises in the history of video gaming. But for the other 50% of us, it's the incarnation of the devil.

Not quite as well known as the other franchises, but Kirby is the master of copying abilities. One minute he has the ability of Sir Kibble, the next he has the ability of the Poppy Bros. Plus, he's small, round, can't be identified as anything, and his nemesis is a big clown-looking guy with a mallet.

The king of fast racers. Always is, always was, and always will be the top franchise of racing. Well, assuming that racers are keen on speed.

The other king of a certain genre. It may not be the best of RPGs, but it's pretty darn close! You gotta admit, weird RPGs are instant SMAAAASSHH hits.

Rare's other first person shooter masterpiece. But is it better than Goldeneye? That's a big debate.

Yet another king of shooters. Turok is da king of cool weapons, no question about it. Remember your face when you used the Cerebral Bore on an enemy? But is it enough to be a top franchise?

Now this will likely be on the list, because it also doubles as one of the coolest movie licenses of all.

Farming is good. But is it so good as to a top five franchise?

Both excellent RPGs. It's hard to turn these down.

The next fastest racer there is. There's also Wipeout, and again there's a debate over which two games are better. But anyway, Extreme-G has a lot going for it.

Okay, what about the top biking game? Is it good enough?

Aside from fast racers, there's also racers that are just unique enough (with a sarcastic manual, which is a first), as well as focus on stunts, which Uniracers excels in.

Okay, you're right, this shouldn't be here.

This does not list all the franchises you can pick from. But it should probably be limited to Nintendo franchises only, or at least, any franchises that have appeared on the Nintendo console, which would mean Tony Hawk and Marble Madness and others can also be chosen.

Which ones do you think are the top five franchises? Here's mine:

1. Mario
2. Zelda
3. Metroid
4. Turok
5. Star Fox

To be a Koopa, you must become a Koopa.

Mario Chat / Super Mario Adventure Comic (read!)
« on: June 10, 2001, 11:08:29 PM »
If you've never seen these ''legendary'' comics, you're in for a treat. This comic actually seems to reveal answers to some of the most closely guarded questions like, where's undeniable proof that there's female yoshies or what is bowser's true intention of capturing princess?

Well, here's your answers.

It seems like whenever we have questions, Japan has the ultimate answers. I'm thinking this because the comic is drawn anime style. Looks way wacky, sure, but those Japanese dared to go against video game fact to deliver some new unexpected stuff.

By assuming everything in the comic is the new facts, this really opens up locked doors and bulldozes through concrete walls for even more doors.

This confirms once and for all that Bowser's true intention of capturing Princess is to marry her.

Our first glimpse of a REAL Mario. Scared me half to death first time I saw it.

This shows what Peach does in her spare time (can you say NES fanatic?)

I think this is the cutest Yoshi pic I've ever found.

You're not seeing things. The first official drawing of an unmistakable female Yoshi. Well, on the cover of a Yoshi language translator, that is.

Excerpt from the Yoshi language translator. Of course, it does Mario and Luigi no good, but you get to see the female Yoshi again.

Undeniable proof that there are Yoshies that look different than just color. Take a look, one of them has a short beard, one of them has a cap, and one of them is a Yoshi Gramps if you look very closely.

This gives a good look at that one blue Yoshi with the beard and ''moustache.'' A father Yoshi, perhaps?

To get actual downloads of the comics (they're in ZIP, around 2MB for each part, contains on average 8 JPG files), go here:

So tell me if you think I finally got something good here. I'm thankful that DentonPro64 uploaded the comics. So tell me what you think of those pics, and if they finally answered some questions. And get this, the Koopa Kids are in the comic as well. Don't believe me? I'll have a pic of that soon as well...

To be a Koopa, you must become a Koopa.

Mario Chat / Favorite Mario Tennis moments
« on: May 29, 2001, 03:39:11 PM »
Post your favorite Mario Tennis moments here. I don't want to hear stuff like "Winning the Star Cup." A good example would be "Smashing the ball in Waluigi's face," or "Peach missing a slow-moving ball."

You can also post your funniest moments (Winning a match by smashing it in opponent's face for each point), or most painful moments (Losing every single point against Waluigi).

Peaceful penguins, demented dragons and growling griffins, oh my.

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