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Definitely make it clear what you're talking about first, and maybe keep it to one subject per post... I dunno, just a suggestion

Dark Souls

Going Hollow is a metaphor for what happens to game characters when you give up on the game
Dark Souls is one of the most proudly video gamey games I've played in years. In the story, undead people become Hollow by losing their sanity to their immortality, their inability to escape life even after dying again and again. Sound familiar? The games you never finished and gave up on out of frustration, the characters become dead, hostile, empty shells. Lordran may be populated by thousands of Marios and Links and Arthurs and Genes.

The Plague-Infested Barbarians in Blighttown are Shrek
They're huge, they violently protect a swamp level, and drop dung pies when defeated. Their roars must translate to "DONKEHHHHH"

Estus is hot chocolate
I don't know why but it seems like something you'd make at a campfire. It didn't occur to me that it's not much of a camping staple until after I typed it


The professors conduct illicit experiments with Pokemon, namely changing their DNA. That;s why his pokedex is emptry, to cover up the evidence. Would also explain why Eevee can evolve into so many different things and also the existence of Porygon.

That DOES make some degree of sense... And now, their genetically engineered servants of humanity have killed off all non-Pokemon species.

I've only ever played Demon's Souls, but I like that "going hollow" analogy.

Legend of Zelda

The telltale mark of the hero chosen by the gods is narcolepsy
Link starts out so many games asleep. It makes sense for LttP, which begins at night, but Navi struggles to wake him up in OoT, he oversleeps a date with Zelda in TMC, is found taking a nap in the middle of his birthday up on a wooden watchtower in TWW... and in SS it's the most apparent, with it being a subject of friendly jabs between him and Zelda. He'll start nodding off after a few seconds of sitting down. It's a trend that's been on the rise. The next new Link will have it so bad that if you don't take an Energy Potion he may just fall asleep in the middle of a boss fight.


The Magic Cake "vivid dream" was, in fact, Ness's dream
Poo is something like an imaginary friend or a dream character created in Ness's imagination and made real by the Magic Cake. Everything about him and Dalaam are particularly surreal and weird, even for EarthBound. He and his equipment all come out of nowhere and have no real lore. He operates based on what Ness thinks is cool or funny, and is likewise much like some combination of Ness himself and other tricks he probably wishes he could do; some of Paula's PSI, and Starstorm. Food doesn't restore very much of his health, because he's not a real person. Water restores a lot of his PP, because he actually has an unlimited supply of PSI as long as his cool power doesn't run dry. The sanctuary in Dalaam is Pink Cloud... which is what Magicant, one's own dream land, was made of in EarthBound Zero. The only time Poo is mentioned before he is met is when Talah Ramah, a prophetic monkey, says his name... but it can be inferred that he simply saw the future as it was actually going to happen, didn't predict it. He specifically says, in the same monologue, that everything is predetermined.

The previous is so because someone else was supposed to be the fourth hero and it didn't work out.
Porky maybe? Some believe Everdred was supposed to be playable. Apple Kid is the most helpful NPC in the game but maybe whatever prophesized Ness's adventure decided, last second, he needed more help fighting. Picky seems to be Ness's friend but is probably too young.

Porky is hot for Paula
He kidnaps her twice. Sure he wasn't directly responsible for it the second time but was probably involved. Maybe directly... the Department Store Spook takes her to the top floor, maybe Porky took her to the Monotoli building via helicopter.


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