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Im sort of new. What do all u people think? am i new?

 Um.. guys? My best friend 032861 here is new
he may seem mean. he just hates the fact that people post dumb stuff. So dont fight with him ok? Hes a great guy! Really just go anser my topic on annoying people if he does somthin' wrong ok?

Red Paratroopa:
"he just hates the fact that people post dumb stuff."


Anyway, I'd consider you as new.

"Good morning. And in case I don''t see you again: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night."- Truman, The Truman Show

Ultima Shadow:
Hey-- I'm new. and I'm posting, so therefore I can qualify for this post!

Anyway, this forum is great! In the time I've spent here, I've enjoyed every bit!


1. Do you like the Mario Brothers??
2. Do you like the Simpsons?

If you answered 'Yes' to both questions, you are a true legend..!

Princess Peach:
Yeah I just joined I've been a fan of the site for about a week..I suddenly had this mario attack and suddenly thats all I've been collecting.mario images gifs and themes even fonts..what triggered this?
I was in search of Mario's glove for a cursor for a site I have...and then from there I just went out of control...
I also recieved a super Nintendo for christmas from my husband I recieved super Mario all star with it I hope to buy more games for it when I can
does any one know how much mario paint would go for?
well alright I babble to much off I go

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