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I'm very interested in knowing what kind of wallpapers you guys used, so I thought I'd show mine.

Let's go!


When I first got this computer, I was a real InuYasha fanatic, so I thought, why the heck not? It's my computer.


After awhile, I got a little tired of my first wallpaper, so I downloaded the one Adult Swim made. It was "hot pink yeah yeah"!


And, getting tired of the 2nd one, I downloaded this piece of eye-candy.

Interesting to note, that was my last wallpaper before I completely upgraded the Operating System.


I upgraded the OS, and once again let InuYasha and Kagome grace my computer's background.


After I heard Pikmin 2 was about to come out, I was over excited and put this Desktop up. I also had a counting widget thing that hit 0 the day it came out.


Do As Infinity is my favorite J-Rock band, so I put this one up for awhile.


Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game of all time, and I was currently playing it when I had this up.


I love ZIM. And my computer.


This was the last wallpaper I used in Jaguar. I thought it made my desktop look bigger.

After awhile with #9, I cycled through all 9 pictures every 60 seconds (the computer did it automatically :P) until upgrading from Jaguar to Panther.


I was into Meteos when I put this wallpaper up. It was also my first wallpaper since I upgraded to Panther. It was also my last, as I upgraded to Tiger after only 4 weeks of using Panther.


Stop 'n' Swop. First Tiger wallpaper, too.


New year, new wallpaper, this time, of a game I got for Christmas.


Sapphira once used this paper. I really liked it.


Taken at an aquarium blah blah blah you guys saw it a buncha times.


It made me laugh. And I was overdue for a new one.


Communism lol


'nother Majora's Mask wallpaper. Hey, it's a good game.


Treble clef and eighth notes. I be a band geek.


Mario discusses his dreams with Luigi.


Those aren't hams.


My friend Ray, always upbeat and in a good mood. No link to it.


Yay tanukis! Yay Pom Poko! Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki ftw.

Again, after this wallpaper, I could not find another suitable wallpaper, so I had my computer cycle through the previous ones, this time every 5 minutes instead of 1.


I do like Sonic the Hedgehog. He's pretty awesome. Especially when he's voiced by Steve Urkel.


Yay Goof Troop!


Pom Poko again, this time, it's winter.


Two friends playing in a hot spring.



And, my current wallpaper:

Picking cherries with the best friend....Who isn't wearing pants.

*I had no picture of this wallpaper when it was my current wallpaper, so I took it later on, and tried to make it look like it was taken at that time. That Graphite apple in the upper left hand corner is supposed to be Aqua, but turned Graphite, which, at the time, was the current color scheme.

**I don't link to these wallpapers for various reasons you don't really need to hear. They're up in my Photobucket gallery though, if you'd like to see them.

***Thanks to a clever idea of MaxVance's, I made a "G" version of this, by moving my "One time...." folder over a part of the wallpaper people such as Mr. Melee or Sapphira would find "nsfw". An "uncensored" version is in my album as well.

Now, show me all of the ones you guys used.
NOTE: If you ever want to use one of the wallpapers I've used, just e-mail me and I can send you it.

Ambulance Y:
I share my computer with someone else, so my computer has a boring sunset on it. My old one had a SSBM-style Mario on it.

"We roll tonight, to the guitar bite, and for those about to rock... I salute you."-AC/DC

This one has been mine for a couple months now.

Pikmin 2 cuteness
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Lizard Dude:
I use my desktop and have tons of icons, so anything busy won't work as a background image (like that Pikmin 2 picture). For the longest time I used Windows XP's Crystal, but now use Beauty.

“I’m a stupid fatty and I love to play with my Easy Bake oven.”

My desktop has lots of folders and icons, but no eye candy.


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