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Two Cows

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Yes, it's the "you have two cows" jokes. If you feel like making some up, or you've heard one before that's pretty good, just post them here (some videogame related ones to get you started: http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/You_have_two_cows/24).

The "you have two cows" setup trains us to prefer economic systems that favor the upper classes. If I have two cows, of course I'm not going to want to let the government have any of my milk. But if it's actually that there's one person who has two hundred cows that they inherited from their grandparents, and I'm one of the 99 people who has no cows and works for the cow owner and I'm not paid enough to buy the milk that I spend all day milking, then I'm gonna have a different perspective.

Wow, I could've sworn this thread had more posts than this.

Same, maybe there was a similar one?

You have two threads


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