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Today I Learned that Superstar Saga is on the Wii U Virtual Console.  Now I know one game my daughter and I will be playing this summer.  What did you learn today? 

(I also hope to be playing SM3DW and MK8, but money is tight now so we'll see.) 

A few things I can do to avoid repetitive motion/strain injuries, or what most people go ahead and call carpal tunnel, while drawing. Improving posture (I'm slouching right now, oops). Taking buttloads of breaks (I forget to do this, oops). Restricting hand and wrist movement while I sleep to prevent it from clenching when I'm not conscious which would exacerbate the clenching it does when I am (I made a makeshift wrist brace out of an old sock, a ruler and the corner of a coat hanger because I am crazy). Reducing the amount of pressure I put on the pen (by wrapping it in foam. I found just what I needed in my 3DS's box, so thank you Nintendo).

Something bad happening to my hand or arm is one of the scariest things to me. I dunno what I'd do if I got crippling arthritis, or it got paralyzed, or burned or smashed or sliced off or something. I will never be rich or important enough to get a robot hand and even if I were it wouldn't be the same. My mom used to be a barber but had to stop because of shoulder pains. That would be it for me. There are other things I'm really good at and enjoy doing, like cooking, but... it's not even just about the career I want. I would keep drawing even if nobody knew or cared. It's what if I became physically incapable of doing the thing I most like to do? So when my hand is hurting like it is now, it's terrifying. I gotta fix this


--- Quote from: BP on April 20, 2014, 03:52:35 AM ---It's what if I became physically incapable of doing the thing I most like to do?

--- End quote ---

That's why I'm afraid of getting carpal tunnel as well.

If anything happens to my hands, I'll hire a typist to dictate my work so that I never have to worry about not being able to write; on the subject of visual arts, that's a little more tricky...

TIL: In my book, there are several instances of symbolism and foreshadowing that I created on accident. Feel free not to tell anyone though, because if I'm ever interviewed/famous, I'm telling everyone that I intended every bit of symbolism in the book because I'm an awesome writer like that. It reminds me of the idea that most writers don't intend for people to read into their work, because the color of someone's shirt or a character's name don't always mean something deep. It's fun to let people over-analyze everything though!

TIL, "Dinosaur legs extend directly beneath the body."  I had been using the word dinosaur incorrectly as a generic term referring to ancient reptiles.   I also learned about their patterns in egg laying and nesting.  I hadn't realized a dinosaur egg hunt designed for 3 to 7 year-old kids would have been so interesting. 


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