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Kat, here's a chick game not made for guys


I got thinking after you posted that message "Battle of the gamming sexes", They could very easly do a really cool game starring a girl (not designed for guys if you get what I'm talking about) that would kick so much! I got out trusty #2 (my pencil) and started sketching out a woman and the idea of the game here it is, tell me what you think:

The year is 2097. The earth has had nuclear war for a long time. In that time the human race has almost died out. And with all those chemicals and war expariments three new races have rose from the ashes. The most evil and disgusting are the Aquaticas, An evil humoid fish type being. (and now for the heroin) you play as a person simply known as "Sarah". The Aquaticas murder your parents and kidnap you. They keep you at there kingdom and you end up having a baby (not your choice). Normally any other human would have killed the baby but Sarah is attached to this half human half aquatica. She now has a reason to live and wants a better life for her and her baby. So this 19 year old heads on an amazing adventure to Second Eden, the last remaing natural area of the world. The controls would kind of be like Zelda64. So you head out on this adventure, destroy the aquaticas, become friends with the other two "Races" and make a better life for you and your child in a paradise. And at the very end there is a hirez animation with you sitting feeding your baby, when you hear somthing in the bushes and throw a throwing knife that cuts the vines and who steps out but a human guy! Well there was a whole lot of other stuff that I couldn't remember now (sorry I'm tired) but there was alot of other stuff that was really cool. I'll try and remember everything and if you want I'll scan up the pix of Sarah and the other races. Chow

Doomba, King of the Goombas

The plot seems wonderful so far I truely love it. [And me being a scifi fan big time ^____^] It also reminds me of a deep storyline mixed partically of Turok2 [don't ask what reminded me, it just did] And L.o.Z.64~with the Aquaticas. If you would like, I would be honered to help u with some sketches of my own, however, ^^;;; I REALLY can't drawn humans that well [In my opion] but large, lumnious deadly [some robotic]reptiles are more my thing. ~______^; In other words, I'll help with all the enemes--u just describe them and I'll make some composite sketches. And with the rest of the game, just a few questions...

- What kind of weapons/items would be in the game [if any]~*inspiration from playing Turok2..too much over the summer ^^;*
- Do you think that there should be some other "natural" area's left, but only abandoned for *bum bumb bum* ~unknown~ reasons? [ great place to insert a gaurdian boss there... hehehe ;) ]
- annnnd....i ran outta questions--

If ya want to chat more about it, IM me at TmRcktKat -- or e-mail me [TmRcktKat@aol.com  or... TmRcktCat@aol.com] *I check the Kat one more often than Cat* And if u need some creature feature ideas--check out my *barely..^^;;;;; worked on* website where I'm planning to get a species list going for all the dragons/monsters that I've drawn over the past few years. [I've drawn just that many ;P ]


^^;; sorrie... forgot--i know it dosen't help much to tell someone to go somewhere with out giving them the address 1st..


The second one is the actual site's address, and I only put it up there because if I add anything new there, you won't see it with the freeserver's address until I copy all the files--so check there 1st ;P


umm doomba,i think you can also make that character in a game!you can make that game real if you go to www.rpgmaker.net and there you can make a game with a character fitting your discription.im also a girl but i dont think its smart to go away from the mario topic and give out your age.that is dangerous.



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