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A Weird Memory From Someone


Here's A Funny Story I Got From SMBHQ!!

I was 5 and my older cousin was 15. We got along very well for the age Difference. He was the one who tought me about Mario.
(sure, when I was 2) My mother always said "Your still too young for Mario." Boy was she wrong! Im 12 now so I have been playing
Marios games 10 years! Too much. Well, me and my cousin always played Mario brothers phisicly. One day, We just finished watching the
Super Mario Movie and I got a bad idea. I pulled my cousin up into my room, turned on the fan and threw a ball of yarn up in it. (the yarn
was to act as fungus, like in the movie) Then we started to jump through it. The "fungus"got far too thick and found ourselves stuck. Once
we got through the sea of yarn, the door knob was heavely covered in string . (just like everything else) But, I herd the ice cream mans truck
pull to the curb. "QUICK! GET THE SCISSORS!" Once outside, people asked "Where have you two been?" false alarm, the ice cream
man wasnt here yet. Then the REAL bad part came, we left the fan on in the room! not good. the string was attached to the fan and
everything on the shelves. The fan pulled all the junk off the shelves and up into the fan! The fan broke because the string cought in the gears.
Today, as you read this story, there is still yarn in the gears of the fan. Never thought an idea based on a movie of an Itailian plumber could
be so dangerous. We nearly got eaten alive by the "Fungus!!!!" It's WASN'T Me! ^_^

 ~Zootalo a.k.a. Baby Bowser Koopa


Reminds me of the time...

Mega 2:
Your mom said you were too young for Mario at 2?  My parents wouldn't let me get a video game system until I was 13!


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