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Hey everybody, I just created a new website for Super Mario Brother's fanfiction and I need some people to submit. If you want to look at the site, the address is http://www.angelfire.com/games2/peachpalace/fanfic.html
(Long address!)
Its under construction and not very good yet because there aren't any stories on it, but if you're interested in submitting, send your stories to LadyNeve@yahoo.com. I'll put them up as soon as I get them/spell check/etc. I'm even thinking of setting up a voting system to see which stories belong in the special hall of fame (I call it the "Mushroom Masterpieces" Any questions?

Yeah, about limits:

1. How many can one author send at a time?

2. How long can they be?

3. what do you prohibit(not allow)?


You can send in as many as you want, they can be as long or as short as they want (mine are usually pretty long, but the three that are there are from someone else and they're short) and I'm pretty much cool with violence, swearing, etc, just don't put in TOO much ;) I'll let you know if its not appropriate, after I've read it, that is. Love to hear from you, so send 'em in. :)

Can you put your own characters in the fan-fics?


Yo Ken!

I added my own charecter (Rain Booster) in my fics without getting in trouble, so it's okay.

Note to self- Gotta put Doutrio in the last and next part....

EDIT- I'll seend my Legend of Dragoon pardoy as soon as I'md one with the first chapter!

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