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Here is my next Mario fic idea!


Okay, I guess I should tell you all, I 'pose. It comes after my 'Story about Nothing' saga (You can see it at Princess Peach Toadstool's page and soon on TMK), and it's a homage to the Sony (You heard right) RPG- Legend of Dragoon.

It won't be a rip-off, more like a minor parody, but focusing on the whole Dragoon element (The spoony costumes and magic).

The cast will be-

Mario- Dart
Peach- Shana
Luigi- Lavitz
Geno- King Albert
Rain (My charecter)- Rose
Bowser- The Hooded One

That's all so far (Since I'm that far in the game), but if you have a charecter that'd like to be featured, but e-mail me I 'pose.

Hope you all like the idea. ;) If it's great, I'll make it a series and perhaps do a webpage for it.

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I have 4 fan-fics up on www.fanfiction.net Just look for the author, TK1386.


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