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Mario Trivia! Win a Drawing Prize!


Well, I have alot of free time on my hands, so I figured I do this for fun. Answer my trivia correctly, and you get a fan art from me, of what EVER you want from Mario (Or Nintendo).  It gets a bit 'harder'... but this is gonna be bi-monthly. eeee... answer folks!

Trivia #1- What is the goal for the 2nd Star, in Hazy Maze Cavern?

Is it-
1) Elevate for Red Coins
2) Metal Head Mario Can Move
3) Luigi is Here

Lemme know. Final Day is FRIDAY of this week. =) =P

You can do anything?  Even Shadowgate?

Uh check your e-mail.  I sent y one with the answer.

I think it's 2: Metal Head Mario..but I haven't played SM64 in a loooong time...

It's #1.  I know almost everything about the game.


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