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Okay, this should be a fun one!

oatawlwwac bnhrhiairh fdeeetltea u n rtlh r sb telsipa cesu e nlc acprt o at tolnhbftce emieeo her detdyxaeds

And I guess I'll give a hint?
This one is fairly simple, but I tried to make it a little unorthodox.  Look for a pattern, and think creatively.


--- Quote from: Qwerty on June 17, 2012, 01:31:37 AM ---Fe, zt xlzi ek Koiiy Clct Dikrk.
Yfek wxi'k rxbulbslcai.

--- End quote ---

Oh shoot, how'd I do this one?

I should've written this down somewhere.

Solution: characters are placed within the walls of a little box where they are turned then split and become obfuscated
How I found it: http://pastebin.com/YCTRA9KX (would post here, but it relies on a monospaced font)

New code:
J jcxg suredeob jsvksxxir fgtzy znoy if bpm crvn drsc td eaxhqp.

Hint: There's a twist.

Edit: spelling error in solution, also made better explaination

Nice!  I wasn't sure if anyone was gonna solve that one!

Though for the solution, I think the "code" tag renders things in a monospace font.  It's the button marked with the #

--- Code: ---code
--- End code ---

And... I'm afraid I just solved your code.

Solution:  I have probably forgotten about this by time this is solved.
Explanation:  It's a letter-rotation cipher, where the letters are shifted by what word in the code it is.  So the first word is shifted by one letter, the second by two, etc.

I'm afraid I don't have a new code ready yet, so give me a bit to think of one...


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