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Title: Create your own SSB character
Post by: Super Wario on July 22, 2002, 10:12:54 AM
ok i'm sorry if this has been done already but the rules are it has tho be a nintendo character but i guess you coulddo someone like megaman or sonic. you have to do the attacks taunt throws and a little bio. also say the first game he/she was in (first nintendo game)note that you can do more than one but wait awile

ok here I go,
Name: Wario
First Game: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden coins
Trophie bio:
Wario was mario's childhood friend they allways played cowboys and indians but wario was always the indian wario grew jelouse of mario so he stole his castle but failed later wario got enough mone to get his own castle

B: Dragon's fire
Wario swiches hats to the dragon cap and shoots fire out  like bowsers fire ( 3-24%)
>B: Elbow smash (5-17%)
Wario charges through anythong that gets in his way
^B: Jet Cap 14-16% , Wario swiches hats to the Jet cap and gets a firey boost
vB: Wario bomb(6-10%)
wario pickes up a bomb  press A to throw
A: Punch
>A: Wario Punch (12-27%)
hold to charge a very strong punch
vA:Butt slam quake (6-12%)
Wario slams the floor making a small tremour
^A:Head smash 12-17%
Wario does an upward hedbutt hold to charge
R: grab 0%
+A jab 2%
+> Foward knock 12-19%
+down Unwelcome mat 18-23%
wario throws the opponent down and jumps on them
+^ up, up and up 9-12%
+<Backward Knock 15-20%

Taunt: Wario lifts a barbell (WL4)

Title: Re: Create your own SSB character
Post by: Screech on July 23, 2002, 06:45:01 PM


B=grab(grab hold of an enemy and suck the life out of them)
>B=scream (freezes an enemy)
VA=Multiple screams(freezes several enemies)
Taunt= makes a different screaming noise each time.

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Title: Re: Create your own SSB character
Post by: Sey me on July 23, 2002, 06:59:35 PM
Name: Shadowman/Mike LeRoi
First appearence: Shadowman
Bio: Immortal Voodoo warrior who travels between liveside and deadside to stop evil and demons. The current holder of the Mask of Shadows (the trademark for a Shadowman) is 31 year old Micheal LeRoi. He is a victim of his own demise, and in 1991 the mob chasing him killed his family and put him in a 5 year coma. His memory now haunts him, and all he can do is carry on until he can figure out how to pass the Mask of Shadows to somebody else, and have his life back.

A attacks: Punches and Kicks.
B: Shadowgun or Pistol (depending on time of day in level) Hold B to charge Shadowgun.
B-across: Violator rounds
B-up: Charge upwards with Flamebu in hand
B-down: Calabash (A bomb, so move back...)
Z grab: Uses Martuea to grab and flik opponents
Taunt: Stands proud and says, "I, am the LORD of Deadside"

Special thing: Depending on time of day in level, you're either Mike or the Shadowman. Strangely though, the weapons (except Shadowgun) remain the same.

Pretty funny, eh Mikey? -Legion, Shadowman
Title: Re: Create your own SSB character
Post by: Zartan on July 25, 2002, 11:04:26 PM
Name:Eric Cartman.
First game:South Park Chefs Luv Shack (correct me if Im wrong).
Trophie bio: (Im too lazy to make his bio)
B-fart fire

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Title: Re: Create your own SSB character
Post by: Deezer on July 25, 2002, 11:06:53 PM
LOL, that's all you need for Cartman, really. But I would add:

Smash + A: "Kick you in the nnnnuts!" move

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