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XD Nya ha ha ha~! Yes, I'm back. Ahh well... don't ask where I disappeared to *this* time. Down to the post... I've just recently beaten Paper Mario, and all I have to say is "^_^!" . OK.. so its something that's technically impossible to speak of, but still... Definitely a *very* worthy game which should/is be placed up #1 on the charts. (Of which, I've noticed that game HAS single-handedly brought up sales dramatically for Nintendo, along with Conker's Bad Fur Day, which is also, too a VERY well put together game aside from the "M" factor ;D) See for yourself...

Anywho... I have to rant... Jr. Troopa is the best thing to hit that game! XD He's so adorable in a villainous "He keeps trying but will never win" kinda scenario. (Almost like Vegeta in DBZ... nah...) I also love Bow, even though she's not a villain... she's one of my most useful party members. (Her fan-smack attack is the best. ^_^) And my favorite boss... I'd have to say would be the Fire (Navel is it?) Piranha Plant in the Volcano. Crazy crazy crazy battle. ^_~ Excellent music, aside from Bowser's final--(spolier~! Whoops~!)  ;}

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Gah! I want that game >_< Stupid Nintendo distribution policies and their inconsiderate behaviour towards PAL territories...

One of these days... *shakes fist*

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as for my favorite PM villain im not sure, but about CBFD even if it is M rated its not gonna stop a lot of people from buying it.

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Lava Pirhana rules!

Runners up:  Tutankoopa, Koopa Bros. and Tubba Blubba.  I love the whole Boo Mansion, ghost town, wind-mill bit.  Favorite part of the game.  (though I haven't played through the whole game, because I STILL don't own it).


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Tubba Blubba all the way! Chapter Three is the best in the game.

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LOL i dont know about villians but i like the soundtrack.

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Even though they aren't villans, I love Bombette, Bow and the Fearsome Five! As for the villians, I like the Koopa Bros. (and there battle music), Bowser (of course), and I like Kammy Koopa! My faveorite music parts are Battle With Koopa Bros., Battle with Tubba Blubba's Heart, Battle With Huff N. Puff, Battle With Lava Pirahna, BATTLE WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!!
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Dear God! Im flat!

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Tubba Blubba!!!! Lava Pirahna's close in second.

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I don't have an N64, and Paper Mario is probably the only Major Mario game that I haven't got in to.  However I watched my friend play it and I like the bosses:

Big Lantern Ghost
Master Huff 'N Puff
Jr. Troopa
Koopa Bros.
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Big latern ghost is not a boss.

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*scrathes head* Gee I dunno ;)

I also like Jr.Troopa *even after what he did to us in Bowser's castle* My favourite aprty member is Watt. I love how she can go through defence power. My only problem with her is that I think she's a boy alot X_X

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I like Bowser the best, but Jr. Troopa and the Koopa Bros. are close runners up.

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