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TMK has some reviews and previews, but here, all the Fungi Forumer's can review any game, old and new, on categories like Graphics, story, gameplay, ect. Since I just played Yoshi's Island DS, I'm gonna review it!!

 The story is pretty simple. Kamek and his toadies sart to kidnap all of the islands babies, and of the world!! luckily, a few babies manage to escape, the Yoshi's decide to get the other babies back from for some reason...

 Graphics are crisp and clean, really resemble the original, but the Super FX polygons and animations are missing, and kinda' lack the awesome power of the original.

 Gameplay is about the same, Yoshi is almost invincible, unless he gets hit by random enemy the baby on his back will float away in a bubble, and if not catched, toadies will kidnap the baby and you will lose a life. Yoshi can eat almost anything, and turn it into an egg, used as projectiles.

 Easy scale: this game seems alot harder than the original, the level design is down right crazy, secret levels and items are hard to find, but some bosses are too easy, all the levels and perfect score attempts will be a doozy for months.

 Sound: The only really big problem, music and sound, alot of music seems to be tons of remixes from the original overworld theme, and sound a bit..... repetitive, and the babies crying can be really bad, like baby peach's, might want to turn the volume off and listen to something else.

 Replay value: These levels never get old, and play through them tons of times and not get bored, all these secrets and goodies should keep you veeery busy, with all the awesome level design and the extra enemy mueseum, you would just love an extra level editor.

Bottom line: an 82 out of 100. I highly recomend it for any platformer fan.

More to come...
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Review: Super Mario Sunshine
ESRB Rating: E
Published: Nintendo (duh)
Date Released: 8/26/2002

Pros: Good GRFX, Nice sounds.

Cons: Not enough light, story not that great, water runs out to fast.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____

Grafix: Very nice, not bad at all. 10/10

Sounds: Nice songs, SFX sound like other Mario titles. 8/10

Gameplay: Very good, although, the story of it could be better... 8/10

Replay: If you play it long enough, it can get boring... 7/10

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____


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Hey, I think I'll take a crack at the reviewing game.


Developer: Imagexcel
Publisher: GameTek
Genre: FPS/Driving
Platform: PC (DOS)
Release: 1994
Players: 1

Sigh. Quarantine is a fine example of a game with great potential and an awesome premise, but terrible execution. It's a good idea: Take Doom, add a little Crazy Taxi and mix in some Road Warrior, and what do you get? Why, Quarantine! Set in the year 2047, it has you fending off crazies driven crazy by a viral plague. Naturally, you're a survivor. However, Quarantine is plagued by many problems.
One is the graphics, which are simply shameful. They're dark, grainy, hard to make out, and lack in detail. Many of the graphics are stolen diectly from Doom (such as the streetlights, some textures and the blood sprays). The only execption is the inside of your taxi, which is cool; you can change your view inside to look out the windows or the front to perform first-person drive-bys on enemy cars.
Another is the control. When you drive, your taxi shoots ten or twenty feet in a totally random direction, and will usually crash into an enemy. When you do, you're bumped another twenty feet in another direction, accompanied by a delightful SSCREAEEEAAGGGAACHH! noise that will drive you nuts (and possibly accompanied by the sound of machine gun fire, which sounds like worms being poured over a drum). If you don't crash into an enemy you'll run into a lamp or invisible wall, which produced the same great screechy noise, but over and over again, accompanied by the screen shaking like mad, trying to escape from some glitchy invisible-wall-clip.
Furthermore, the story is so cliched that it practically becomes campy self-parody, but is so generic and bland as to be completely forgettable. Playing as a hovertaxi (yes, hovertaxi) driver in the year 2047, you must, for some reason, pick up annoying customers, which only serves to drag the game out, as there is nothing else to do. You'd think survival would be more important than making a quick buck picking up whining old people, but you're wrong.
So now you know that Quarantine is a frustrating amalgam of bad design choices, cliches and glitches. Do yourself and others a favor and quarantine this game (har!) from anyone who tries to play it.

GAMEPLAY: Terrible. Just awful. Like Doom but with all the fun sucked out.

SOUND: Two sounds: "SSCREAEEEAAGGGAACHH!" and machine gun fire, which sounds like worms being poured over a drum.

GRAPHICS: Dark, dreary and made from parts scavenged from other games - Much like a post- apocalytic road warrior car.

CONTROL: The worst I've ever seen for a first-person driving game.

OVERALL: One of the worst games I've ever played.

THE VERDICT: 1.0 (out of 10)


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I feel full to bursting with things to ramble about concerning WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

Developer: Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo, duh
Genre: Microgames
Platform: Wii
Release: 1/15/07(US)
Players: 1-12
ESRB Rating: E10+

Gameplay: True to the WarioWare name, Smooth Moves is packed with over 200 microgames, each designed to pump you full of enjoyment and adrenaline for less than 5 seconds at a time. The wackiness we're all used to and the Wii go together like garlic and bread. There are over 15 different ways to hold the Wii Remote, called forms. Before each microgame, an illustration of the form you are about to use and its name appear, giving you just enough time to get it into that position. The simplest is The Remote Control, with games that have you do things like, use a tennis racket to bounce a ball up and down, or shave a face clean, etcetera, etcetera. Other forms include The Mohawk, where you hold it over your head and do things like, bow with a crowd or dodge flying meteors by tilting your head. The Wii Remote is very accurate and the moves are as smooth as the title implies. 10/10.

Graphics: Awesome. Most of the game is in the traditional style of WarioWare; cartoony characters and environments, but assorted graphical styles in the games. Many things that appear to be 2-D are, on closer inspection, 3-D (such as the frying pan in Wario's "Wokka Wokka!" game. The Wii Remote in 9-Volt's "Wiipeat After Me" game is just about as real as the one in your hand. There are some games where the 3-D models are quite polygon-y, (Tiny Wario's "Rude Awakening") but you can tell it's intentional. 10/10

Music/Sounds:  Pretty nice. the only stage in which you get a full song with lyrics is that of Dribble and Spitz, with "Tomorrow Hill." It's... not as good as Ashley's Theme from Touched! or Mona Pizza from Twisted!, but it's not bad... Aside from that, the short music clips heard between microgames (and during them) are crisp clear, and well-put-together.
While I miss Wario's "Yahoo! from Twisted and Touched, the voice acting is very nice in Smooth Moves. Kat and Ana get new voices that fit them a bit better. Crygor's voice is a tad different also, making him sound more muscular (as he is). Orbulon's voice is more intelligible and also very fitting. His monotonous comments of "Wonderful." "Excellent." "Great Job." Oh no." "What." are... Wonderful, excellent... I'm saying the voice actor did a great job.
The speaker in the Wii Remote is well-used, too. When you're vacuuming up a mess, the remote hums like a vacuum. When you answer a phone, you can hear the caller say something. When you're jumping, getting coins from ? blocks, the remotes makes the classic "ba-ding!" you know and love.
On a side note, in the Japanese version the name of the form you will use was spoken. The Japanese names sounded really cool to me, but the thought of them being spoken in English slightly worried me. No problem at all--there is no verbal indication of what form to use. So pay close attention to the screen! 8/10 (had to deduct 2 from lack of a truly memorable, get-stuck-in-your-head-for-a-week song.

Replay Value: Hoo, boy. You've gotten amazing scores for everyone's stages, unlocked all the toys (there aren't a lot, by the way, but the ones included are only the best... who needs an egg timer anyway??), and you can't possible erase your total kelories burned in Dr. Crygor's stage!! But the fresh, new start you long for is just a data-delete away, right? WRONG!! Unlike previous WarioWare games, you have more save files than just one... in fact, you have TWELVE! You can start a new file, risk-and-regret-free. Speaking of the number twelve, if you have eleven friends and one Wii Remote, why not have a mad multiplayer microgame... party? The multiplayer survival mode can be played with any amount of players from two to twelve, with only one single Wii Remote. There are also cooperative two-player games in which one player holds the Remote and the other, the Nunchuk. So unless you're a cave-dwelling hater of fun, WarioWare: Smooth Moves will keep you filled with joy for... I don't know how long, I haven't grown bored in the least. I'll give it a 9/10.

Overall: 37/40. This game freaking rocks. Buy it! BUY IT NOW! Let the innovativeness of the Wii shine into your dark home with WarioWare: Smooth Moves as its light bulb. It's a game that'll make your family stare through your open door in confusion.

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