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As for the Game And Watch Gallery 1,2,3,4 and Gameboy Gallery you can get the GBS and GSF files here but you 'll have to encode them yourselves into the lossy mp3 format you all love (I hate it and FLAC is Mp3 in disguise)

We probably never will have a complete soundtrack for Donkey Kong 94 as the credits has two versions. One version is done with the regular Game Boy hardware while the other version is done by Super Gameboy Hardware. The best I could do right now is give you a mono mp3 of the SGB version.


--- Quote from: nensondubois on May 02, 2008, 03:12:40 PM ---FLAC is Mp3 in disguise
--- End quote ---
No, it's not anything of the sort.

Oggs are sorry. I was thinking that they lost quality but they are recorded from the mp3s they lose quality that way.

As for the game and watch gallery 2 and 3, I can give you the sound effects and or the songs which ever you need.


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