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--- Quote from: Luigison on October 10, 2006, 09:54:42 PM ---Were there only 8 levels downloadable from me?  Did any of them have the word "test" in them?  Or, were they all the ones I mentioned above?

--- End quote ---

These were the levels I could download from you..

SMB 1-1
SMB flag
SMB 2-1
SMB Bwsr
M. Bros.
DK down

None of them had the word test on it/in it when I recieved them. I am assuming that you can download a level as many times as you like, as I could download Nintendo's levels twice (I did the one for this week twice by accident.)

Thanks.  It appears that if a level is deleted for a particular slot and a new level in that slot is upload the old one will be deleted from Nintendo's website.  So the total number online cannot be more than eight.  Thanks again.

I've made a couple more levels..

Level 4- contiuing the story of the two MiniPeaches, this one takes place in another area of the Castle, where the MiniDK's have set up a guard to try and make sure the MiniPeaches don't get away. Make sure you get all the MiniPeaches. :)

Gridlock- No story, sort of a work in progress.. I wanted to make a bigger version, where you start out on a platform in the middle, and have to hit the gate buttons in order to make you're way to the door, but somehow my brain isn't working with me to work it out.. If anybody wants to make their own Gridlock level, feel free.

Pipeland- There is a MiniToad that has somehow made his way into a local network of pipes. Help him find the exit. Be careful.

DKGBlvl- The name says it all.. and this level is sort of a work in progress as well. I am trying to recreate one of the levels in the GB Donkey Kong game, but I can't seem to get it right when I try to make it more than one screen high.

I've Synched more levels, but what you may notice is that I have two that are really similar.. it's because I wanted to create them, and see which one people liked more.

DKGBlvl1 and DKGBlvl2 are the same level, but are set up with different tool kits.. one is the Tropical Island, the other the Lava Dome. Both are modeled after that one level in DK for the original GB (the one level in the last area of the game).

Which do you like better?

Aside: David and Megabyte, are you guys going to add me? I'm not trying to be pushy or anything, I'm just tired of seeing the same message when I go to see if you guys have any levels to download. "You do not have access to this friends' levels." XD

I'll check your levels out later. I'm working on a major update to the level editors that will have all the sprites for the first two kits and include javascript from Vorpy that I hope will allow image copying instead of the current cumbersome method that requires scrolling the page to get some sprites.

I don't think David is going to add anyone.  He gave us his code in the chat room.  I don't think MegaByte has any levels yet.  He's away in Atlanta right now anyway.

I found a glitch in 2-4 that put a gold and regular mini Mario on top of another mini Mario that was floating across the water.  I haven't tried to reproduce or record it yet though.


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