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Maybe it is because you bought the PRIMA guide first?

Fencing, 17th Century!  YOU''RE IT!!

Kirby (cheat wizard):
I live in AUS. and it's not even out yet I know where Mario, Luigi, and Wario are I can tell you if you want?

Man, someone really spoiled all the locations. As you probably know, I have the game now. I'm glad nobody told me where Wario's portrait was.

how/where do i get the key to unlock the main upstairs door on the 2nd floor of the castle? & how exactly do i get luigi? i've already gotten to the king boo's world/level where luigi's at; i just need to know what to do in order to get to him.

out of eden rocks!

To find the Second floor key: Beat Bowser in the Bowser in the Fire Sea course.

Get Luigi: Find and beat King Boo.

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