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I have 17 stars!  Alse Toad said is that mario came out of the room w/ the marching bomb-omb picture.  But i dont know where he whent!  HELP ME AS SOON AS U CAN!

this is the WAFFLE!  The emblem of our land! You can shove it in a bottle or hold it in your hand!

Go in the *8 door in Peach's rec room.  

Looks like I'll have to wait till' Christmas for SM64DS... I used up all my current money on just the unit. But man... I just cannot wait! Maybe I'll do a "countdown to SM64DS" on my desktop. Hmm... 31 days till' I get it.

Mario is in the room found in the rec room found in the room for switching characters that is placed where the little Secret slide from original SM64 is.
I can't remember where exactly goomboss (goomba king with a dumb name) is in the maze,sorry.
New bosses are King Boo (with new stupid name)
and a Chill bully with a few new improvements.
Luigi is found in Boo's Mansion 3rd floor
Wario is found in the snow man's land entrance (you need Luigi)

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Ultima Shadow:
Umm... I don't even have the game yet and I knew where Mario is!


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