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It's nice to know that WTMK ver 4.0 (or is it 4.1?) is going fairly well, thanks to the capable hands of MB.  Now to get some additional music added, find more commercials, and generally go further insane.  I do hope I can figure out why Winamp doesn't want to display album titles.

I'm still surprised at the lack of a Mario game for the Wii launch.

The Chef:
I guess with this new Blog Board, we'll be seeing David Dayton post more often, eh?

Farewell, Finkrat board. We hardly knew ye :(

Ah well, this is a great idea! Not the most deluxe blog, but it's great to hear random brain droppings from the TMK staff :D.


--- Quote from: DavidDayton on November 12, 2006, 03:17:37 AM ---I'm still surprised at the lack of a Mario game for the Wii launch.

--- End quote ---

Eh, I'm not that surprised. The gamecube didn't have any Mario platform game at launch (Luigi's mansion didn't star Mario and, technically, it was an adventure game, not a platformer), so why should the Wii? Besides, it's going to be out on the shelves a mere six months after the Wii launches, and like Miyamoto-san always said, "A good game that has been delayed has taken time to be perfected, but a bad game is bad forever." Well, I think that's what he said. In any case, Miyamoto-san just wants time to refine and perfect the game. I can wait six months for a much more enhanced game experience.

If you really want a Mario experience at launch, you could always buy a Mario game from the virtual console. Of course, Nintendo's already release most of the Mario games on the VC on the GBA or DS, so maybe not.

Chupperson Weird:
And then there are people (like me) who already own nearly all the VC Mario games on their respective systems.

And I'm sure everybody's just jumping at the chance to buy Mario Bros. for the 235925897 time.  That game should have come built in the firmware.


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