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Hello again.
I need help for Secret stages 5 and 6.

5 (items are fun): I've done all 3 colors (Red, yellow, green) selected from how high the door is. My high score is stuck at an 88 (missing a flower and 2 coins)

6 (Endless world of yoshis): I know about the "go to the left side of the level, go in right door once, go in top door, then go in right door twice and go into top door, etc., then repeat on right side of level". But my high score is stuck at 50 (although that might not be up-to-date; i may have ran out of battery power or something).



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Hmmm...This needs a call from Insane Steve!

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Ah, someone FINALLY asks about Secret 5.

I know FOR A FACT that the 2 coins and flower you lack are in the Yellow door. Get the red watermelon, unfreeze the blue watermelon, and freeze the two Tap-taps that are bouncing there (With one blast). Bounce off them (when frozen) and you'll go over the wall. Everything else is self-explanitory. (Oh yea, kill the Tap-taps you see near the end of the passage to get the flower).

Secret 6.... you are missing A LOT.

You DO know about the "correct" exit, right? The one that looks like the intro level?

And you know how to open that one locked door near the end, where the key is on the opposite side the the flippers? There's 7 or so red coins there. (HINT, that Chomp Rock is there for a reason.)

Ask me if you need help getting certain OTHER points in the level.

Congratulations! You have just been blessed by the wisdom of Steve.

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yes, I know all of those things. I think I tried before and got something like 60, but my batteries died or i had to turn it off or something.

Anyway, when I get enough time I'll play through Secret 6 again and tell you what my score is.