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Wii Disc Read Error w/ Brawl

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For the first time in its life, my Wii won't read its disc.

- Hasn't been played (for Wii games) for several months, but has always worked just fine
- Hasn't been hit, dropped, or put in any extreme environment
- It has been subject to a slightly dusty environment (the bedroom it's in), but with no real way for dust to get inside (and I always kept it clean)
- Only happens with Brawl and some other larger games, so I'm guessing only dual-layer DVD discs are being affected (Mario Sports Mix works fine, for example)
- Brawl disc is absolutely 100% immaculate. Zero scuffs, nicks, smudges, or scratches.

Being dual-layerd, Brawl is one of the first things to go when your Wii is gonna stop reading discs (all of them. It's only a matter of time). Even if you open it up and clean the laser yourself, because the laser is probably in fact dying. Repairs cost about as much as you would spend on a used console with a remote or two.

In Nintendo's place, I'm really sorry the Wii is so frail

It seems the Nintendium mines re running dry at last.

Ym9iYnlzcTEzMzc equalsign:
There is an official lens cleaning kit out there.

For the Brawl disc reading problem, Nintendo will repair the Wii for free even beyond warranty.


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