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NSMB Wii so hard


Man its so hard! Please Help. And I cant wall jump!

...Should we tell him about New Super Luigi?

Daggum deez newfangled Wii-wii-waa-waas an' deir 2.5D nonseynse. Why back'n da 64 days, ya cudden eben slide down de wall, ye had'te jumb de momen'ye hiddet!! An most of da tyme ya cudden eben see da wall far Mayrio's backside! YA! WHA! Lieg dat.

...As far as I recall, wall jumping in NSMB just consists of jumping, losing all of your momentum suspiciously as you hit a wall, and then jumping again.

just call the nintendo tip  hotline

NSLU must be so easy it has flutter jump & everything


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