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In Which I Wine About My Wii U Gamepad

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Soooo a friend o' mine recently had wine spilled on his Wii U gamepad.  Pressing the face buttons feels a little like pressing down on similarly-shaped Play-Doh sculptures.  Long story short, he bought a new Wii U just for the gamepad it offered... agreeing to chip in, I was awarded the console itself, along with the damaged controller.  The one with wine spilled on/in it.  Given that replacements are pricey at best, I'm looking into warranty-voiding repairs as my best option here.  To the Internet with me?  You'd better believe it.

I turn the topic over to y'all thus.  Anyone had experience taking apart/repairing a Gamepad?  Even more broadly, anyone had experience fixing this kind of damage to the controller short of replacing it wholesale?  Suggestions?  I'm all [metaphorical, digital] ears.

Worst case scenario, how essential are our friends A, B, X, and Y to the Wii U experience?

You can get a Pro controller, most games that use the gamepad can also use that.

Well, I could, but the idea is to have a functional Gamepad.

My suggestion: find a tutorial on how to take it apart. Do that, stick the parts in rice for a few hours (overnight, perhaps), give them a good cleaning after retrieving them from the rice, and put it back together. (or find someone who might be more comfortable taking things apart, if you're like me and afraid of irreplaceable damage).

We took most of those steps with my wife's old phone. She accidentally left it in her pocket as we went swimming. It was submerged maybe five minutes, but long enough for water damage to set in. After discovering what happened, we immediately took it apart, and set the parts in rice.. Long story short: the next day, after much cleaning and rice removal, it turned back on. There was some water damage on the screen, but the phone was still functional. We were able to retrieve phone book and pictures. She probably could have still used it, but we had already ordered the upgrade. It was past time for an upgrade anyway, but I digress..

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