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3DS wirelessly borked

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So, whenever I turn on the wireless  on my 3DS, an error occurs, and I can't use it until I turn it off. Any suggestions?

It's gonna be tough to get help if you don't say what the error actually is. What happens when you turn on the wi-fi?

It just goes like

     "An error has occurred, please turn off the console and try again"
It doesn't give me an error code, just a black screen of death.             

Do you have any physical games in the system? Do you have an SD card?

I would go ahead and power down, remove both if you have them in, backup the data on your SD card.. Maybe start the system up with the wireless off, and then turn it on after the system is up (wait until all the icons have loaded. I had a similar problem recently with MK7..)

If you can keep it up and running, maybe make sure your system is up to date.

Okay, thanks for the advice.


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