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What's the purpose of keeping points? I know when you finish the game it shows you your total and I know good ways to score points but seriously what do you use them for? In other games, video and otherwise, points = rewards but in Mario 1 is it just a record of how thorough you played the game?

This is probably a useless topic. Anywho, they're just for the high score, or a record.

A lot of old games had points that didn't do anything. It was probably carried over from the arcade days, where getting a high score was the only goal of many games.

Chupperson Weird:
It's also a psychological thing. "Whoa, I just got 1000 points for getting that mushroom!" It makes you feel cool and accomplished.

Well there's points in many old games. SMB2(JPN) and SMB3 even.
I never paid much attention to it.


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