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MarioKart 8 Learning Curve


I am a veteran of the MarioKart platform, having played every game in the series with the exception of MK7 for the 3DS (for the simple reason that I don't have a 3DS).

For the most part, I have had a lot of success with these games--against the CPU, against other human players, and against the online players when the Wii virtual console was still up.

MarioKart 8 seems to be a different story.

I was a little late to the Wii U party, mostly because I wasn't sure if I would play with a new console a lot. After a breakup a while ago, I figured video games would be a good thing to clear my head, so I treated myself to one at Christmas. It came with MarioKart 8 already included, a definite perk for a longtime fan of the series.

Trouble is, aside from playing at low levels like 50cc against the CPU, I seem to be having zero success with this game. I consistently come in last or close to it against virtual console players. I can't beat any of my friends. Yes, I do know how to do the slides and mini turbos. I know I don't play it every day, but I've never been this awful at a MarioKart game.

Is there some trick to mastering this game? Does it just have a steeper learning curve?

This is probably a no-brainer, but have you tried out all sorts of combinations of karts and bikes with characters of different weights? I cannot win if I'm on a bike, but I know many people who swear by them. Try out different tires as well. Glider doesn't really matter too much in my experience.

Hug the curves, always do a trick off a ramp, get 10 coins as early as you can and keep 'em. Don't worry if you never get good at 200cc.

This could be my issue, and again, I'm going to attribute this to my longevity with the series.

Keep in mind the early MarioKart games only had weight class differences, plus there were only 8 drivers. That was pretty easy to pick from in terms of finding one which worked.

The only kart I've really done a lot with so far has been the Mercedes-Benz, which I picked mostly because I happen to like that brand of cars in real life. It could be time to start branching out, but there are so many combos to choose from!!

Maybe some of you can help me based on my preferences from past games...I tend to do best as Peach in MarioKart 64 and generally am better with lighter weight characters in those early games. What would be the best equivalent, or at least a recommendation to get me started?

OK--an update on this.

I recently have been playing the game a little more, but still can't crack 1st or even 2nd on the worldwide mode online.

My problem seems to be running into corners or other difficult parts of the track. I am currently playing as Koopa Troopa so I have a cart with more agility. I know he doesn't have the best top speed, but I'm trying to power slide and get mini turbos more often.

Any way to better pace myself with this? It seems as though this is more a timing issue. What should I do to get better at it? Repetition isn't helping.

Another problem seems to be items. When I got really good at MarioKart 64, one of the things I did was buy the official strategy guide. They don't seem to make this anymore, although Prima does have an unofficial one out (which I'm tempted to pick up if I find one for the right price since I hate searching for this stuff online). The old book had a probability chart in it for items. What are the probabilities in this game?

The reason I ask--every time I'm in the lower half of the pack, it seems more often than not, I wind up with a stupid triple mushroom. They aren't really helpful. In the old days, you'd get good stuff like stars or red shells if you were far behind, maybe the orange mushroom, a Spiny, a Bullet Bill (in newer games), etc. Mushrooms aren't going to help me gain an advantage here unless they are used at exactly the right time and place (another thing the old book did right: it had maps marked with where to use mushrooms).

If anyone has the Prima book, can you recommend it/recommend something else if it's not good? I consider myself more a reader than an online researcher and like to have everything in one place instead of five billion websites...


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