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****, i hate them.... i was about to be banned from there and i said i got go back here that they were losers. look what they said.

"Crash was a theme, not the "heart and soul". That was CC. I want EVERYONE to feel at home here. I love the old Crash games, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't be online, ever have found CC, or ever made this place if I didn't. But WoC was rank. A board can't last forever on one mascot, unless you're name is Mario and all your fans are a bunch of losers who can't understand that he now sucks. Mario Sunshine is aimed at 3 year olds and all Nintendo fans are trying to play it off and say "Well it's still the best game ever!" The fact that Gamecube relies on Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, and Zelda should be an embarassment, not something they're grateful for. Cause once these games get sequels, fans are gonna have to wait another few years for a great game.

Off topic, but that relates to us to."

sorry, i saw an opening that seemed to scream out attack.
sorry, i saw an opening that seemed to scream out attack.

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 Yeah? He insulted Mario fans. Big deal. Sure, we could all go to his level and make fun of him for various reasons, but why? He apparently wanted to come off as a jerk, so just let him. Sometimes the bigger man steps down my friend.

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Three year olds, eh? Why, when  I was three, I couldn't even beat that first goomba in Super Mario Brothers. If you gave me Mario Sunshine at that point, I'd die in the poisonous goop at the airport.

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Is the airport the first place?

Besides that, if you suck at SMB, then chances are, you can't get very far in SMS (which is WAY more complex, and thus harder to play) either!

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When I was 5 I beat Yoshi's Island...
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No,the first place is Bainco Hills.

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