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Well, SMB used to be an arcade game, right?

Chupperson Weird:
No. There was an arcade port with significant differences after the NES release.

Perhaps you are thinking of the original Mario Bros., ShadowBrain.

The Chef:
...mmm.... In Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, getting 5000 points declares you the winner if you haven't KO'd your opponent, but in Star Tropics, I have absolutely no idea what the points are for, or why you only receive them after beating a dungeon. I do know that Sonic games typically give you an extra life for every 50,000 points you earn, and that Mega Man 1 seems to be the only game in the series that gives you points for doing anything (and even has a "Best Score" randomly determined at the start of each stage). Most arcade games give you free lives at certain point values, but that was before games had major collectibles in them.

Man, who'd have thought points would spark such a chain of thoughts?

Chupperson Weird:
No, those are the Clear Points you get for beating that particular Robot Master. After the first game, Capcom realized how useless points were and dropped them. Mega Man 1 having points may also be due to the fact that it was originally planned to be an arcade game.


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