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5-Piece Super Mario Characters

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No, but he can expect all his hair to fall out soon.

My order came in today!

I wonder if I should be worried about a strong smell of what I think is plastic coming from the envelop they were sent in.. I also notice it came from China, which is not a big deal, but the Chinese have been known to try and..poison US products..

Edit: I guess it was just a "new plastic toy" smell. One that I haven't smelled in years (possibly at least a decade). The toys look/smell fine, and I found a feature! You can actually pop the characters off the blocks/pipe and switch them around if you want to.

I have not received mine yet, but I assume the slow boat from China lands in California and I am now in Northern Virginia (practically D.C.). 

I have the Luigi and Koopa One  and i want the paragoomba

My have a slight smell, but it's not too bad.  Having each individually wrapped is a nice touch. 

They're on sale again:  http://www.midnightbox.com/ or http://www.midnightbox.com/cgi-bin/item/10054715-110/5-piece-super-mario-characters.html


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