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Anyone have a capture card? At the moment I have a Happauge HD-PVR (which replaces the old Dazzle Pro I have or whatever it's called). (PRO-TIP: DO NOT PURCHASE A DAZZLE CAP CARD). Anyway, the HD-PVR records everything fine until I try to play a virtual console game. I dunno if it has to do with changing refresh rates or anything of that sort, but it just hangs the capture software and is impossible to record with. It accepts both component and composite inputs. It has no composite output. Switching every setting in the book from the Wii's resolution, to different settings on the capture card itself, all the way down to changing the cable setup didn't get me anywhere. I'm really in need of capturing some SMRPG. Dunno if anyone has experienced this problem with any type of capture card and/or capcard software.


Dazzle Pro DVD Whatever Recorder: $50 (waste of money, piece of crap, only SD 640x480, and it couldn't look worse, weird flickering green lines at the bottom handful of scan lines, Windows Movie Maker knockoff software that you unavoidably must install, can't use raw video to transfer to other programs [forced to render it within the program], software crashes often, A/V syncing issues within 10 minutes of straight recording, dropped frames, slow & sped up video/audio upon playback, scratchy or non-existent sound upon playback)

Happauge HD-PVR: ~$175 (excellent quality, loads of options, not resource heavy, pass-through to TV is 100% latency free whether you're recording or not, easy and intuitive setup, does exactly what it says on the tin and does it well)
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I have never used a capture care, but have used capture software for PC.  For older consoles I used a digital video camera with video/s-video/rgb-in until it was stolen.  All of my (credit) videos on TMK or to Deezer directly were made using it.  (I wanted to record some direct feed at E3, but didn't have any luck convincing Nintendo to let me connect my video camera.)

Sorry I can't answer your question directly.  If you have a digital video camera you might want to see if it has line-in recording, then you can edit with your PC like I did. 
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I tried hooking up my old capture card, and my computer won't download the drivers for it.

Ah well, I guess I'm gonna have to do what I didn't wanna do: use an emulator.
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That's expensive for a Dazzle that only can get 640x480.
I own a Video Grabber which costs €30,- and records in 720x480 (or 576)

It came with Ulead Video Studio SE DVD and EZ Grabber Software and is PAL & NTSC Compatible.
I bought it a few months ago, so most videos are cammed.
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I thought this thread was going to be about Super Paper Mario.
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Yeah, the Dazzle didn't end up being a good purchase in the long run. The weird green lines thing only showed up after a few weeks of use.

I'm glad the Happauge doesn't force you to install any stupid editing software like almost all of the lower end ones make you do. It just records raw into wherever you want the destination folder to be.
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