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* Toad whips out his ocarina and plays the Song of Time

I think we all need to work together.
Anyone know the method used?

This code is definately not monoalphabetical or polyalphabetical. The thing that's throwing me off is the puctuation.

Syllables, prehaps?

Ultima Shadow:

--- Quote from: Lizard Dude on May 08, 2012, 05:20:20 PM ---Next code:  H. .HC X,OO CFCV DVQDI BY,W D.EC

--- End quote ---

Think I've got it.

Answer: No one will ever crack this code
Lizard Dude coded it by looking at the keyboard letter two below the letter, not including the number keys or the space bar. It loops around as well; for example, the first letter, N, is H because it loops back through Y then to H.

I'm not in a very code-y sort of mood, someone else want to provide one? If I'm right that is.


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