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I'll be at the E for All show this week, as will at least one other TMK staff person.  Pictures should be coming from the event, and any small tidbits of news that can be found.

If you're at the E for All show and spot me somewhere, say hello!  Mention TMK and I might even have a small gift for you...
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Here's some advice: Play Brawl as much as possible and tell us everything you can find that hasn't been confirmed yet.


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*Pouting whine* Awwwww, I wanna go...

Tell ya what; just go into the future and bring back one of those head implant things that records all of your senses, mail a copy to me after EfA, and we'll call it good.
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lol, check this out!


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Gwahaha. Those ubiquitous "Trust the Fungus" stickers are mighty in number! I'm being repetitive, but that's funny.