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So, I finally spent the measly $10.00 to get MP2 on the Wii's Virtual Console, and I'm really enjoying it.  However, after several board maps' worth of play, there's still a couple of 2v2 minigames I've yet to unlock.  So my question is, in which modes other than the main board maps, if any, can you unlock new minigames, and which of those would be the fastest?  I've unlocked both Battle and Trial mode at the Minigame Stadium already, and I'm pretty sure I have all the 4p's and 1v3's (although I haven't quite bought them all yet). 

Also, I haven't played one of the board maps yet; does unlocking/playing the sixth board (I'm assuming there is one, aar, there's a gaping hole in the center of the main menu) unlock anything else?
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You can't unlock mini-games any other way besides playing the board maps.

The sixth board is unlocked by winning a game on the first five. When you win a game on the last board, you unlock the credits sequence.

Further Advice: If you unlock and purchase all the mini-games from Woody, you'll unlock Mini-Game Coaster. This is similar to Mini-Game Island from the first Mario Party. Beat Mini-Game Coaster on Normal and/or Hard (I forget which) and Woody will have Battle and Duel Mini-Games available for purchase. If you buy every last Mini-Game, Woody will have one extra Mini-Game for you to play.


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