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Who were the English-language translators and writers for the SMB1 manual?


Ganon Vader:
I ask because this is where the name, "Bowser" was created.

That's a good but obscure question.

Boo Dudley:
I'm almost certain it was Dayvv Brooks, who also named the koopalings. It would fit the koopalings' general musician-theme if he were named after Jon "Bowzer" Bauman of Sha Na Na fame; as would Bauman's famous "tough guy" posturing fit Bowser.

I haven't bothered asking him myself because I'm sure I wouldn't get a response, but you're free to try. Be sure to ask him about the names "podaboo" and "lakitu" while you're at it.

Lizard Dude:
It was definitely not Brooks for two reasons:

1) He got the desire to work at Nintendo after calling the tip hotline for help with an NES game. SMB was already released before he started.

2) If he had named Bowser too, he surely would have mentioned it in one of his interviews about the Koopalings.

Do you think anyone knows for sure?


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