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To Be Miyamoto


You read right, all it takes to be Miyamoto is a lousy 60 smackers. Shell it out, buy Perfect Dark, go into Character Options, press up and left a bit. Ahhh, the Head of Miyamoto, I play as HIM with my name as Lord.

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.

Hahah! That's another game I have to rent now...

Hah ah...I'd like to play as him in Smash Bros. Guess I've got a good reason to play PD (after they took out Camera...Grr!) Everyone hail Miyamoto!

Kweeh! Kweeh!

Qwil man:
I always feel weird when I see it.  There's another guy I know who's commonly a guard in the game, so I feel all guilty when I kill him in the game.  Seeing people in games that you know is creepy.

The only thing that keeps me warm at night is this picture of my girl back home.  It unfolds into a blanket!


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