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Mario, Pikachu, It's all about the money


You people who are complaning about pokemon and not enough Mario games (me included) hafto understand somthing. Nintendo is a bussiness not your best friend. They are going to make games that make the most money, and right now that game is pokemon. And because there are alot of little kids who can tell the B button apart from the A button they have put there older players on the shelf (me and you) and started making games for these little kids. So you see it's all about the cash. It's that way with every company even if they say there costumers come first and there code to quality and all that. It's bull that sounds nice to us, and that's all it is. So untill Nintendo figures out that we are a bit egged off we are not going to get a good Mario game untill the dolphan!

Doomba, King of the Goombas

I disagree. Isn't every single product all about money? Yes. But some companies, such as Nintendo, in my opinion, care about what they put out to their consumers, but it's still about money. But Nintendo knows if they care about you (the consumer), they will get more business. You're right, they're not your friends, but they will put out what most consumers want. So in a way, they do care.

what exactly is normal?


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