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That right there's a paddlin', BP.
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From what I've played, it's good for what it is, but it lacks 64's and Sunshine's open, "do things in whatever order" courses.  Which I tend to like better as a format by default.  There's also the fact that once again they seem to have a crippling fear of a power-up that actually lets you fly, except this time it means they've nerfed a formerly pretty cool (although not as cool as the Cape Feather) one.  At least it cuts the crap and has an actual flagpole at the end of each level instead of a flagpole shaped like a Power Star.
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I'll admit I'd love to play another 64/Sunshine-style open world Mario game, but in 3D Land's case, it's like what Galaxy SHOULD have been.

A Super Mario 3D Land 2 could potentially use the same engine and general workings behind the powerups, but nix the timer and build more nonlinear levels like 64 and Sunshine with Power Star missions. The problem is deciding how to distribute powerups around an open world without having them respawn indefinitely and run out of time, because the player would for some reason expect to be able to go back and get it if they lost it even though that's not how it works in the 2D games, you know... Leaving ? blocks littered around everywhere with powerups functioning exactly as in 3D Land might be worth an experiment, so long as they were never required to get a Star.
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Having power-ups be content that helps you on your way as opposed to just something else that's required to get past [obstacle] is another thing I usually consider a plus (glarin' at you here, recent Metroid games).  It could be really cool to see a more open Mario game with those types of power-ups, where you could conceivably beat the game (if not 100% it) without making use of them if you didn't want to.
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I almost feel like SM3DL should've come out between SM64 and SMS. The game has a lot in common with other 3D platformers of the era. The grid-based level and object placement heavily reminds me of Crash Bandicoot, for example.


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in 3D Land's case, it's like what Galaxy SHOULD have been.

Don't get me wrong; I love the more open Mario games (SM64, SMS), but Super Mario 3D Land is how Super Mario 64 should have been. It's basically a perfect transition from 2D to 3D.
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So Capcom, Namco and Sega are working on a mystery 3DS game.  There's only been tidbits and teasers so far, and the latest one is a lot more survival horor-y than I would have expected:
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More details on the Capcom-Namco-Sega co-production:

It's a strategy-RPG!
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