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DSi Ware Closing 2017

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Well people still might want Flipnote but you can get it because it is free. Can you get the game and watch games? Asphalt 4 is pretty old since Asphalt 8 is out.

The Chef:
I already got Minis March Again from the 3DS eShop with my Club Nintendo (R.I.P.) coins. I just wanted to know if I'd also be able to buy Snapped and Dr. Mario Express.

...are Mario Clock, Mario Calculator and Nintendo DSi Metronome available on the 3DS eShop?

Lizard Dude:
Yes. Literally every DSiWare thing ever released except for the list of ten above is on 3DS eShop.


Gonna have to get a used copy of this now I guess

Lizard Dude:
When has the Internet been not at your fingertips? I've never used anything but my fingertips to internet.


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