Author Topic: Zelda: Majora's Mask cheats and glitches :D  (Read 1108 times)

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I just found this. On Majora's Mask, you can get bombs while on Epona. To do this, while riding Epona, go to an owl statue (Milk Road or Southern Swamp). Don't get off your horse after you enter Milk Road or Southern Swamp. Then, Z-target the owl statue and save and quit. When you start up your game again, you should still be on your horse. Then, without pressing start or getting off Epona, press the C button that the bomb is in. You will pull out a bomb! To drop it, press "faster" then stop. Link will throw it down. I thought this was awsome! Since this isn't a Mario game, I don't think I can post it in the cheats section can i? And I think you can get other things when on your horse, too. But most things won't work like the Great Fairy's Sword, Hookshot, etc. If anyone finds anymore things about the owl glitch, tell me!

For those who don't know about the Fierce Deity trick, do the owl trick again, (don't get off your horse) ride to the Gorman Track and pay 10 rupees to race the Gorman bros. As soon as you start the race, press the C button that the Feirce Deity mask is on and wait until you lose the race. DO NOT PAUSE FOR IT WILL FREEZE. After the race ends, you can pause it though. You can't get out of clock town once you enter and some people you talk to will crash the game(like the Bombers). To return back to Link, you have to die.

I also found a way to ride Epona with any of the masks. (not that kool though) Do owl statue thing again but don't go to the Gorman Track. Instead put it on(with C button) outside with the owl. You will only be able to control Epona until the next day. I reccomend that you wait until the near end of the night so you don't have to wait that long.

There is a way to ride Epona in Clock Town, but I'm not sure of what exacly to do. All I know is you get on Epona outside in Termina Field and keep running at the west entrace until the next day.

If anyone else knows of more neat cheats/glitches, please post them!