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"Actually, I've found that even if you check the email notification option, after about 15 or so replies to your topic, the emails will stop altogether from then on."

....Sure wish this forum had an easy quote script! I've gotten used to forums with avatars, UBB code, post count ranks, you know, those OOH LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY COLORS forums. And....there's just NONE of that here!

I guess it's good that it stops, if Yoshi Girl had somehow clicked that email notification button on the Mario Bar, she'd need a new email account!

On another note, it looks like I decided to take my "long-term vacation" from TMK just about the time the rest of you main bunch(Sapph, Steve, LD, Chupperson, y'know) somehow got picked for staff! I sure picked a good time to leave.......

(nahh, I doubt they could have used me for anything on the staff anyway, they didn't need a scripter. Besides, I'm really not much into Mario anymore. You know what I play now? Doom 3. Halo. Grand Theft Auto. Essentially what you'd call the "dark side" of gaming.)

These quotes magically double every time I edit my profile!

"I'm a stupid fatty and I like to play with my Easy Bake oven." - frostbite